Wolfie in Taiwan Hustler?

Does Taiwan need a local version of Hustler magazine?

  • Yes
  • No
  • What is Hustler?
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Did anyone notice this bit of revealing news that wolf slipped in an another thread?

So how did the photo shoot go? Ummm, and what exactly were you doing there?

Does Taiwan really need a local version of Hustler?

Back when I was teaching college freshmen in the States, I had a smart but extremely shy student. She was so shy, in fact, that when I called on her in class she would blush and then quietly stammer out an answer.

A few years later she posed for Hustler in photoshoot involving a dildo. :shock:

Go figure.

At least she got over her shyness problem.

I’m for Hustler anything, as long as they keep on with the cheesy, themed pictorials.

sounds good to me, do they need an extra camera man? :sunglasses:

Cranky, that’s a wonderful story! I’m going to cut it out and make it into a poster for my senior high school kids - many of them are a bit distressed at the thought of working like ants for the rest of their lives and I’m sure they will perk up knowing that there are alternative career paths.

Maybe I’ll even start taking my camera to school, but I don’t think they’re ready yet. Do you think maybe I should offer some sort of grooming service, advice, coaching, that sort of thing? There are over a hundred of them and I don’t know if I would have the energy to help all of them individually.

C’mon wolf, quit pretending you haven’t seen this thread. I’ve seen you peeking around in this forum. What’s the deal with that photo shoot? :slight_smile:

I did a story on local models (most never see the light of the studio). There are hundreds of girls hoping to be the next chick on the Brand X commercial on TV and some of them, knowing how Hsu Chi got her break, understand the value of the digital camera (used to be polaroid) preliminary studies and the casting couch.
The new publication may not be called Hustler, and there is some discussion about the problems with showing pubic hair and the vagina (spread or otherwise) in Taiwan. There have been some creative suggestions in this regard, believe me.
I don’t do the professional shooting; my talents lie elsewhere. I am sort of the scout. But the perks are good… :wink: