Woman abandons kittens - sentenced to night alone in woods

Read all about it here…

Good job, Judge!

Excellent idea, but I would have given her three days at least.

It’s not harmful to er, but it does bring home the gravity of what she did.

I applaud the judge on that one. :bravo: See!

I read this story this morning.
Good for the judge.
I have little to no compassion for people such as this.

Careful, Cowboy - we’re agreeing on something. :astonished:

As I see it…you are agreeing with me. Mores the credit to you. :sunglasses:

IMO, humans have a responsibility to animals on this earth.
While I do not equate animal life with human life - I will never condone or allow the abuse of either.

Gimme a hug! :hubba:


OK, I regret that already. :s