Woman accused of taking 3 yr old to "sex party"


A 32-year-old Midlothian woman faces federal child exploitation charges after allegedly bringing a 3-year-old girl in her care to an Indiana “sex party” where the girl and an 11-year-old downstate girl were abused, the Tribune learned today.[/quote]

They have a place in America called Midlothian? Who knew? Heart of Midlothian used to be my football team. The Jam Tarts.

Not in Kansas

What the hell. I dont remember Indiana having sex parties. I wish I was cool enough to know about this when I was living there.

Um, that’s not cool…The sex party was to molest children.

Um, that’s not cool…The sex party was to molest children.[/quote]

I didn’t read the article. I just saw your topic and thought the woman took the child there and left it alone while she went off and did her thing >.>"