Woman and lover caught - must pay her husband NT$500,000 and go to Jail

A man catches his wife cheating, so her and her lover get fine and go to jail.

Interesting aspect of Taiwan culture and law.


People seem to get incredibly vindictive over these things. I suppose you can understand a demand for compensation if there is some material loss or child support involved in separation. Of course it’s hurtful when something like that happens, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to have the law pander to vengeful motives.

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I’ve never really given a crap about Taiwan’s infidelity laws. Hard to feel sorry for the cheating wife or husband, although I sometimes feel bad for the third party if they didn’t know what was going on.

But in this case: doesn’t the court have sufficient evidence to get the husband and investigator on some sort of unlawful entry or peeping tom charge? They seemed to be more than happy to admit to it.

I also dislike compensation for things like hurt feelings.

If the couple’s defense is true, then it was a very expensive hand-job.

Interestingly, it suggests that anything other than common-or-garden sex doesn’t count as infidelity.

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Putting a monetary value on feelings (or the ruining thereof) and making infidelity a criminal offense makes no sense to me whatsoever. I mean, is that fact that the husband won this case going to make his marriage better? I would think quite the opposite.

The fact that these laws have spawned a whole industry of sleazy, shady private investigators is a sign of just how weird they are.

It’s an interesting new twist on the I’m pregnant scam.

I’m surprised there isn’t a parallel industry whose services involve distracting or confusing private investigators. Like, why isn’t someone selling CD recordings of people snoring so that couples disappearing into hotel rooms can pretend they just had an irresistible urge for an afternoon nap?

I guess the parallel industry would be all those motels that sell themselves on complete privacy for their guests.

This is nothing new and something married folks in Taiwan are well aware of. People should not get married if they don’t like the repercussions.

The number of these adultery stories in the Chinese language press is mind-boggling. There are multiple cases reported every day.

Monotonous regularity.

I’ve always found men to get the raw deal in marriages, especially if they fall apart. Interesting to see that they dropped the hammer on a women for adultry. I mean I think it would quite fair under certain circumstances. You’ve worked your whole life taking care of your wife, buying a engagement ring, house, have kids, and she’s screwing around while you’re at work. Sounds fair to drop a fine on her.

WWhat, what does this mean?

I think he meant garden-variety, which means common (at least it does in the US).



It means you have sex with tomatoes and cucumbers. Don’t judge.

Are they gluten free?

That costs extra.

Of course tomatoes and cucumbers are! Don’t be a…

Oh, never mind. :eggplant:

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your potato wife’s turnip dead