Woman ARRESTED for not holding handrail on escalator

For all you escalator delinquents out there be sure to hold the handrail or the Po-Po are coming for you!

In all seriousness, this is what we spend our court money on? Welcome to Trudeau’s Canada.

The incident happened 6 years before Trudeau became prime minister.


Prime minister dude. Not President.

She was acquitted of the two infractions in Montreal municipal court in 2012

Your story has nothing to do with Trudeau or even Canada.
It’s about a self-important authority figure completely overreacting when challenged.

Nothing Canadian about that.

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Okay, got it.

Conclusion to this epic saga. She sued the government and won.


What a legend.

The SCC states Kosoian must be paid $20,000 in damages. The police officer and the STM are each liable for half the amount.

The police officer who illegally detained her has to pay 10k to her :clap:

That will likely come out of the police forces funds aka taxpayer funds

This is stupid.

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Why is it stupid? She didn’t have to hold the hand rail.
If she fell, caused injury to herself and others, the “state” should be free of any financial responsibility. I guess the government insurance would pay the innocet bystanders who may have been injured, they’d be free to six high-powered attorneys on her to recoup the loss.
But a young healthy student not wanting to touch a handrail and presumably being careful is unlikely to fall.

I’m talking about arresting someone for this.

I thought you thought it was stupid to make a fuss over such a trivial and easy to comply with law, guidelines, request.

I’m just waiting for escalator belts. Screw the handrail.

To put things in full context, it seems almost everyone in the province of Quebec whose jobs involve handing out fines tends to be overzealous in their duties, Montreal public transit inspectors being no exception. The system is so inefficiently run that the government needs every dollar it can get to stay afloat…