Women, have you ever cheated?

Ladies, have you ever cheated on your husband or boyfriend in a supposed-to-be-monogomous relationship?

  • a. Never, and I never would.
  • b. Not yet, but there’s no guarantee.
  • c. Once or twice and I was wrong.
  • d. Yes but (he cheated first/cant satisfy me/is a jerk).
  • e. Lots of times; humans aren’t meant to be monogomous (please pm me).
  • f. other.

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OK, let’s hear the other side.

I am not a woman, so I answered other because I am curious as hell to see what the poll results are so I had to answer the poll.

[color=red]You know Boss all you need to do is log out and then look at the thread, it will show you the results.[/color]

Three words: Never say never.


Now you tell me :blush:

Erm, that’s only two words.

Now you tell me :blush:[/quote]
There’s alos a link that says view results

Just thought I’d add to that.


Yeah well we all know Boss is on a karma rage, just racken em up.

I am also curious if some women on the boards voted in the other poll about men, because one of the choices says, “Yes, with another man.” I’m not making any assumptions here, but this could be interpreted either way I suppose, man with man or woman with man… Anyway. good topic Mother Theresa!

Thanks Jeff. Obviously the poll is extremely unscientific, not only because I may not have calculcated the questions properly, but because I suspect that a good deal of voters have been/will be male. . . or Boss Hogg. But what the hey, it didn’t seem right to have just that one poll, suggesting that only men cheat.

Well, she cheated on me one time – I’m pretty certain she added extra armies to Russia when I was making coffee. Last time I play Risk with her, that’s for sure.

OK, Sandman, to clarify: it’s supposed to refer to sexual cheating, as in sex with another. I’m not sure whether coitus pachydermus (see the Indonesia thread) should count, though, because it’s just too strange. Besides, it’s unlikely that any of our readers have engaged in that, but I suppose we should limit it to sex with another person. But even then I suppose each voter will have to decide what types of sex qualify as cheating. Ladies?

Just like men, some women cheat and some women don’t.

For me, it has to be a ‘worthwhile effort’.
And usually, it occurs when I’m thousands of miles away.
Funnily enough, we have broken up before those physical separations, so maybe it’s not really cheating afterall, even though we tend to get back together later.

Have only really truly cheated once, but that time I was in love with someone who lives thousands of miles away and who visited for a short time. He was cheating too since he had a wife and two kids back from whence he came. Neither of us felt guilty, believe it or not.

The chase is always more fun though, so flirtations and snogging abound, but the actual cheating (penetration) is minimal and reserved for special occassions. And oh, how special those occassions can be when you find, to your delight, a [beep]!

Those women who have voted for option “e.” please leave your name so I can PM you … :wink:

[quote=“Rascal”]Those women who have voted for option “e.” please leave your name so I can PM you … :wink:[/quote] Curious how that is relevant unless she is in a monogamous relationship.

I have only cheated on one person with a few guys (not going that far!) including a session of flirting with an alum who was a teacher at my high school (I was really drunk that night) right in front of this guy; he was a senior when I was a freshman in college and I honestly didn’t really like him even though we were together for four months. Ironically, I got a little jealous when I heard he kissed another girl on a dare while we were dating. I never really felt a shred of guilt about cheating on him. We kind of hooked up at a party that his housemates were throwing, although after we started talking, I spent the rest of the evening trying to avoid him before letting him walk me home to my dorm. I think I started dating him to hang out with the seniors, but my gosh, if he wasn’t such a jerk, I might have considered being monogamous.

Well… Maybe.

serial monogamy:)


I know a guy who specializes in dating women who have boyfriends and husbands. He’s plenty busy here.

how could you guys!!!

Now you tell me :blush:[/quote]
There’s alos a link that says view results

Just thought I’d add to that.[/quote]

Ok, ok, I get the idea now.

JeffG, I am on a Karma rampage am I? :smiling_imp: Take another look at just how little I have been posting recently. The quantity is going down and the quality is going up? hmmmm… maybe, wish I could say the same for some of the others posting here. :smiling_imp:

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Erm, that’s only two words.[/quote]

Kind of like the new CNN commercial…you know…

“The average keyboard has 110 keys…at CNN you only need three”

How many “average” keyboards have 2 N’s?

Does this mean that the only morally acceptable form of sex is masterbation…sexual cheating is sex with another…you said it…it’s right up there ^ .

My Buddha, I must have cheated over 100 times by now…but that’s okay…cuz I been “faithful” 100 times that… :smiling_imp: