Women holding hands - all lesbians?

In the UK, if I see two women holding hands, I assume they’re lesbians. But I see a LOT of women holding hands in Taipei. They can’t all be gay, can they? What’s the deal here?

Different culture. Holding hands is fine between friends here.
Or maybe the couples you’ve seen are all gay. Anything’s possible.

They probably are gay. Check the body language. People are a lot less uptight about it in Taiwan; or possibly there are more lesbians.

This would explain the declining birth rate.

oh please. Everything has to be by western standards. People hold hands, not just lovers. I hold my Ma’s hand ALL the time. I don’t have sisters or I’d hold theirs. Friends walking around joyfully sharing a happy moment. Not everything has to be sexual. Have you ever seen kids?? They all hold hands alll the time. It’s NORMAL.

Hold hands and you’re a lesbian, if you’re a man and you wear pink you’re gay. :loco: :loco:

The stereotypes are silly but women holding hands is not something you see as much where some of us are from. I am not the kind to make assumptions but I did ask a friend about this. It’s kind of cute in a way… but it isn’t sensible to read anything into it given that it is normative behaviour in Taiwanese society.

Some may be lesbian but the majority are not. TW girls like to hold hands with other girls. But i do think this is less common then it was in the past.

Two guys holding hands though? Most likely are gay. Unless they are kids.

go to the middle east & men hold hands with other men. They’re not all gay. Cultural differences & all that.

Russell Peters has covered this. Hilarious.

SE Asia as well. Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia etc it’s perfectly normal and common for male friends to hold hands.

Pink suits, on the other hand: very gay.

As camp as a row of pink tents.

SE Asia as well. Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia etc it’s perfectly normal and common for male friends to hold hands.[/quote]
India too. Boys do the thing too. TBH, I never thought it was weird until I read the flob. People hold hands for nonsexual reasons.

Common in Taiwan for female friends to hold hands. But… there’s a strong butch-femme culture among lesbians in Taiwan, so if one of the women seems to be masculine in appearance and behavior, odds are that they are a lesbian couple.

Chris is right. And some of the femme lesbians are knock out gorgeous !