Women kissing men on the chest at work

I used to have a gf from Taiwan here in the U.S. that came across a difficult encounter. She went to work for a Korean restaurant owner, who expected all his waitresses to kiss him on the chest every day they worked. Is this a Korean cultural thing or do Taiwanese businessmen expect the same thing?


Are you mad?

Yeah, you must be joking.

I’ve had to kiss my bosses chests every day since I’ve worked here. She said its totally normal and I believe her. Am I being taken for a chump?

Originally posted by sandman: I've had to kiss my bosses chests every day since I've worked here. She said its totally normal and I believe her. Am I being taken for a chump? [img]images/smiles/icon_eek.gif[/img]

Are you her “head” manager?

Well, I’m not joking at all. I’m just wondering if women have to ever do this in Taiwan at work. I take it probably not. At least, my ex-gf was really hurt by the incident, so I take it she never had to do it in Taiwan. But, at least for this one Korean businsessman in the U.S., it was expected. I’d like to see him ask an American woman to do it…she’d probably make sure he never has children again


Sandman, are you kidding me? You have to kiss a female boss’s chest at work?


This guy IS fuckin’ mad!!

Peter, Sandman’s boss is his Misses, and his office is his apartment, that’s about as far as the chest kissing in Taiwan goes. Arse kissing however, now that’s a completely different matter. I’ve got a couple of workmates that could shed more light on this subject

Erm, Amos, I hope you meant to type "MissUs!

Oh. Nice working environment



But can you make her work for you?


Her? Work for me? Hell no, I much prefer being a pampered love-slave.

My boss made me massage her feet and eat her out. She’s Polish. Is that a Polish tradition too?

Weird shit. I’ll tell you somethin’, though. Those Korean bosses (the vast majority of whom are male) are sexist mutha****as. I’ve worked for a few of them, in my time, and I’ve seen all the shit they make their female employees do. Taiwan may only be a few steps up (I haven’t worked for a male boss in Taiwan, before), but there seems to be a lot more females in high executive positions. Korea is a whole different story.

I heard some people kiss their boss’ ass.

I think there are two questions (assuming you are serious): is this a Korean cultural thing and do Taiwanese expect the same.
Personally I would answer both questions with “no” but to be sure I will aks my Korean classmate tonight.

Ok, I asked and my Korean friend found my question funny if not weird: It’s definetely not a Korean cultural thing.

Thus I would recommend the staff to sue the boss for sexual harrasment!