Women prefer strong men, say scientists

2 questions worth pondering:

1). Look at the top 500 richest men and The 500 most powerful men and the 500 Nobel winners and tell me how many are bodybuilding obsessed. Why is the number so low?

2). Anorexics and bulimics obsess over their bodies unhealthily. Can’t there be a common element with obsession with food and body image?

  1. Because bodybuilding doesn’t make much money? Doesn’t mean it’s not a worthy pursuit. Barely any athletes would make that list. Fitness isn’t just bodybuilding either. People enjoy it. Is anyone on that list a social worker? Teacher? Fire fighter?

  2. Some people have body dysmorphic disorder and eating disorders. Doesn’t mean people into fitness have them.

You seem to have something quite personal against people into fitness for whatever reason.

I’m sure many rich and powerful people are into fitness and health.

Bezos has been pumping some iron for sure.

Small amounts of aqueous testosterone make women super horny and cause no androgenic effects. It only stays active for a few hours.

So does lots of alcohol :rofl:


Some gay men likes getting testosterone… as a suppository.


Yes. I know :whistle:

Larger amounts, over the long term, result in her asking for a blowjob.

I’m pretty sure you can’t consume (orally) aqueous testosterone for short-term effects, though; IIRC, your liver adds some modification at the 17-alpha position that makes it inactive.

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  1. Not sure what that has anything to do with the price of rice in China. Do you think someone is interesting because they are rich? Or that someone who would go on and on about chemistry, all day everyday, is anymore interesting than someone who goes on and on about fitness? They are both nerds, just in different fields.

  2. Why do you classify a hobby as an obsession? Those are two different things. I’m sure there are people obsessing but I don’t know if I believe that there are more with that personality type in fitness than other hobbies. Are people who collect stuff as a hobby, hoarders? That’s an obsession too.


Yes, it must be injected