Wonderful ginger duck soup


Its getting a bit warm for this now, but I had a fine dinner last night of by far the most authentic Taiwanese food I’ve had in Taipei (I’ve found that you usually have to travel south for real Taiwanese food).

If you like rice wine ginger soup with duck served “hot pot” style with homemade shrimp nugget-type things, ju shuei gao (that’s Taiwan black pudding), sesame oil noodles on the side, etc., you should check this place out. Its on Civic Boulevard Sec. 4 at No. 183, about 100 yards east of the Chairman Mao cafe. If you’re coming from Chunghsiao, you walk up the alley next to California Fitness, all the way to Civic Blvd. and the restaurant is directly opposite. It has a laughing duck for a logo.

Even 'er indoors raved about it, and she’s as picky as they come when it comes to Taiwanese food.

Cheap, too, at about NT$250 per person.

We found this place reviewed in Next magazine, which only goes to show the rag is good for SOMEthing after all!

Famous people (apart from me) go there! Woot! And the boss is pretty friendly and copious with the freebies (about 4 dishes of xiao tsai on the house).


Sounds fine indeed! Do you have to leave your rubber boots at the door?