Wonderful Tu-Guo girl needs a home without a cage!

XiaoBai is a well-behaved sweetheart who I’ve been fostering since February. She was found near my school in December after she’d been hit by a car. She was living in the bathroom of a woman who has five other dogs when a different woman at my school, Alice, asked me to take XiaoBai until summer as she was planning on moving to a larger apartment would be able to take her then. Well, I recently found out that Alice keeps her 6 dogs and 6 cats IN CAGES, never walking the dogs, nor even letting them play together. She even asked me why her dogs try to run from her when she’s at the vet, and why the cats try to scratch her every time she puts her hand in their cages! I am not letting XiaoBai spend her life in that hell, but I am leaving Taiwan in June and can’t take her with me (I’m doing some travelling/wedding stuff after which I’m entering the Peace Corps).

I looked into getting her back to the states, but nobody I know there can take her. I’m really hoping that someone who reads this can or knows someone who’ll give her the great, permanent home she deserves. She’s an anxious dog who is scared of the sound the air conditioners make outside and who spends the time when I’m not here on my bed. She needs a stable home and caring family, not some steel crate and a crazy lady!

Some other things about XiaoBai:

-She’s about two years old.
-She’s had many surgeries on her leg and is now beginning to walk and jump normally
-She obedient and conscientious. She knows how to “zhuo-shia” (sit) on command.
-She’s the perfect, medium size
-Loves sleeping in bed with you
-She’s remarkably well house-trained
-Her favorite activities include playing ruthlessly with her toys, and cuddling next to you on the couch while you’re reading a book.

Please, if you know of someone who might be able to give XiaoBai a good home, pass the word along. Also, if you know of a place where I can report Alice, please tell me! Is it even illegal here to keep pets so confined?


Hey Tmesis, good going on sticking up for XiaoBai! I hope you get some good news on the search soon. Hopefully the day will come when we can put people like Alice in a cage 24/7 with barely enough room to lie down and snooze. Maybe that would change the situtation. Seriously, I just want to lend you a word of encouragement and gratitude for stepping up. Chia yo! Please give an update on the situation when you can.

Hi Eric!

So far no takers. Just Alice. She told me that she’s cleaning out the cage of one of her dogs that died in anticipation of getting XiaoBai. Yes, after I told her off about how she keeps her pets. Crazy lady.

There’s a slim possibility that I’ve found a home for her in the states - New Mexico, to be exact. However, I don’t know how stable it’d be as they’re friends of mine who intend on moving in a year. It’s better than Alice, however. Unfortunately, I planned a month long trip to SE Asia before I knew the about the Alice Situation… so next step: finding someone heading to the US who could courier her. I would still definitely prefer a home for her here, though. She’s so scared of even the faintest noises that I’m worried that the uninsulated cargo-hold of the plane would traumatize her…

You’re a good guy (or gal) Tmesis. Welcome to the Help the Helpless Dogs World of Taiwan :slight_smile: I can relate to your desire to have XiaoBai re-homed here. But, sometimes we don’t have much choice but to look elsewhere. You’d probably never be able to erase the look of XiaoBai’s face from your mind for the rest of your life if you handed her over to Alice and said byebye. I do hope that someone here at Forumosa or other groups you have contacted will be able to bring some good news. I’m also in the midst of a real difficult case at the moment. I’ll probably post something about that soon.

Meantime, keep up the good efforts and let me know if you need any help on the prep work in sending her abroad if you have to go that route. Technically, that could be done ten days or so before departure. Let us know how it all pans out and once again good going! And give Alice a piece of my mind too! Unfortunately, I’ve crossed paths with these losers and their bullshit as well. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!

Thanks, Eric. And you’ve piqued my interest with that case you’re in the midst of!

But crap, I just learned that XiaoBai was never vaccinated for rabies. I’d assumed she’d gotten it while living in the bathroom of her first caretaker and having all those failed surgeries. But no. So, as it’s now looking more likely that she’s going to the states, she’s going to need that. And I heard that it needs to be done not less than one month prior to departure (is that correct?) which means… sometime in the next five days. I’ve been taking her to the NTU place down in Gongguan for her leg stuff, but they’re always busy and I’ve never been able to make an appt with them less than a week in advance. Plus, I’m not sure if they’re versed in doggy international travel. Could you recommend a clinic that is? Maybe somewhere in the Shida area?

And then I need to find someone flying to the immensely popular travel destination of Minneapolis, MN. I have people there who can meet her and take care of her until I fly there in July. Don’t suppose you know of anyone who is…? (I’ll pay them!)

In fact, I think I’ll post a new topic about that.

Alrighty Tmesis, check out Nemo the blind puppy’s story when you have time. I just posted it in the forum. Maybe we can sneak him on the same flight as Xiaobai :wink:

I can set you up in preparing Xiaobai for his flight to freedom. I know a good Vet in the Shih Da area with plenty of experience. Don’t hassle yourself. Please just contact me by PM or call me at 0916137942 and we can get started.

Thanks for your help, Eric! First I need to find out when her flight will be, however…

And as for Nemo, if you know of a home for her in the states I’m sure Xiaobai’d be happy to share her crate on the way over there. I’ll ask around, too.

Tmesis, check out the courier thread. I know someone who can take XiaoBai to Chicago at the end of the month. If that will work, just get in touch and I’ll help you get all the preparations carried out if you like…