Wooden finger ring?

I’ve seen some nice wooden rings on the web and was thinking of getting myself one. Better to be able to try it on, though. Anyone seen such a thing sold here?
Thanks for any tips.

Why do such items exist?

Because people buy 'em. Some of 'em on that site actually look pretty nice, although not the one Joechaussettes linked to – that one looks like a curtain ring from Ikea. I’m not much of a ring-wearer, though. I don’t even wear my wedding ring.

Oh! I thought it wuz one of they devices to stop a gentleman from ‘leaving the ring’ too soon! Does a wedding ring operate on similar principles?

It is for neither purpose :slight_smile:. I just thought some of them looked nice and I wouldn’t mind having one. No grand plan for buying twenty this time either, I’m afraid.

The South African craft markets are full of them. I’m sure I could get my Mum to send one, but it would take quite some time.

Just ten?

Wood (!) they splinter if you punched someone?

Oh! I just remembered toes. So twenty could actually be OK.

But I’ll start with one, I think. And Jimi, it’s very kind of you, thanks, but I want to be able to try it on first.

No. That one works on the principle of not allowing you to enter the ring in the first place. Unless you’ve fed the dog, cleaned the bathroom and taken out the rubbish.

Fair enough. Barking yourself, and all that.