Wooden guitar picks for sale

I have made wooden guitar picks of various wood. They come in various thickness because they are hand made but if you specify thickness I will try to find something that suits your need.

the prices are 100nt for African Blackwood (it’s the black pick), and 50NT for any other wood.

Woods available:
Curly maple
African Blackwood (100nt)
Ebony (limited availability)
Indian Rosewood

Custom engraving is available at 30nt per pick.

If you want to pick it up at 7-11 please use Ruten (it’s the only way I can use 7-11 and have you pay for it there), if you buy over 2000nt I will pay for shipping.


These are really cool. Maybe you can also do some engravings if you have the tools. I haven’t picked up a guitar in years but I would have loved something like this.

You should set up something to sell it online.

I have received my selection, and they’re absolutely lovely. :+1:

Extraordinary work, many thanks, brother.

ETA: I got mine engraved with the OP’s company logo, which is wicked cool


Let me know if you need more… they do get lost rather easily…

If you have a band or something you can have your band logo engraved on them…

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Do you have logo T shirts???

Not at this time… I would have to set up for silk screen printing or contract for a run on T shirts, preferably larger size if most of my customers are expats.

Lasers can only do so much but printing directly on T shirts isn’t one of them.