Has anyone been to the new hip hop club Woodstock? The one next to Roxy 99 that used to be Brown Sugar. What’s the cover? Are the drinks expensive? Good or watered down? What’s your opinion?

Went to this place Saturday night. Stayed for a drink while waiting for some friends. We tried it mainly because they were advertising no cover charge as a promotion that night and we knew we only wanted to stay for one drink or so.

The interior is done in kind of an Ali Baba style with some tables and sitting areas on the side of the main floor separated by long flowing curtains and some have cushy pillows to sit on. It

Its called Woodstock in deference to the owner’s first bar here about 15 years ago, which used to be the only alternative to Roxy and AC/DC.
Ahhhh… good times…

Woodstock should be renamed “Laughingstock”. Why bother going there when there’s, oh, about 5,000 better bars in Taipei?

The appalling decor is beyond a joke - I just shook my head in disbelief when I saw it. The “designers” involved are probably cowering in shame. I’ve said designers (plural) because I’m guessing that 5 or 6 were invited to submit individual themes, and then in an act of wanton recklesness, the owner decided to incorporate all of them…

The limp music becomes even more flacid when you realise that they actually have a DJ who “carefully” selects his tunes… Where else can you go to hear a pastiche of 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s songs (reminds me of the “more songs, more music variety” spiel heard from the flacid radio stations back in Oz).

My one concession might be for those people who suffer from both acute shortsightedness (unable to see past their toes) and a severe hearing impairment (unable to listen to the attrocious music). If they were to land themselves in one of the “Ali Baba” booths, then they might feel slightly more comfortable and a little less like vomiting than I did.


Here’s the Taipei Times preview.

Gary Chen takes it easy at his newly reopened old bar, Woodstock.

Photo: Jules Quartly, Taipei Times

face it, he passes around water bongs.

that accounts.