Woodworking tools (table router/drill press etc)

I am looking for a place that has a table router and drill press, I am making some doors and want to round off the edges and drill holes for european style hinges (35mm holes needed). Big drill bit needs a drill press so I don’t go through the MDF.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.


EDIT: I used to get all my stuff, as you mention, from this place posted above. I know that Taiwan is not mentioned but I know from a sales person that most of their stuff comes from Taiwan.
If you can get a manager on the phone or email, you might get what you are looking for. Other than that, have a Taiwan friend do a google for you for Taiwan.
After looking at the site, I wonder know if it is the correct site. Their Washington State office used to be North of Seattle, not Kent which is South, and their catalog was extensive. Maybe things have changed. Still worth a try. Same name and same products but the site sucks. Sorry for the misinformation but it still will maybe pan out.

In Taipei got to Huan He Nan Road Section 1. It’s the road running along the levee by Hsi Men ding. Or Tai Yuan Road, behind main station. If the tool suppliers there have the catalog, they can order from the local agent for you. If the router table you want is Japanese made, probably that much easier.

Just print off the name and logo of the tools you want, just in case they don’t know the English names. If the toolmaker has a Hong Kong, Singapore or Taiwan site, so much the better. You can print off the Chinese name. Hong Kong and Singapore will use traditional characters like Taiwan.

The easiest thing would be to go to the website of the toolmaker, find the local agent, and contact them. They can give you a list of distributors. I’d probably stick with a toolmaker with a local agent. Nothing like getting stuck with a broken piece of machinery and no local agent or distributor to offer replacement parts or warranty services.

You are welcome to come to my shop and use the drill press if you really need it.

I wrote to Grizzly many times about drop shipping in Taiwan and not paying a million dollars to ship a 300 pound machine from the US to Taiwan, and have never gotten any reply. Drill presses aren’t hard to find though, it’s the other machines like band saw that is the harder stuff. A lot of American suppliers are arseholes that still won’t ship outside of the lower 48 State for some reason… but I guess its the same with Taiwanese factories refusing to deal with individuals.

This site: dastool.com.tw carries an assortment of hand and machine tools for fine woodworkers. Nowhere near the variety of Grizzly however…