Woohoo! I just got accepted into the Beta for a new MMORPG

I’ve applied to test the beta for a few games including World of Warcraft. But one game I’ve been considering buying when it comes out is Auto Assault. And I just got an email saying I can play the Beta and help them test the game 6 months before it’s released. Free game that no one else can play… :sunglasses: .

It’s kind of a “Mad Max” type game…post nuclear everyone stays in their vehicles most of the time.

Here are some screen shots if you’re curious: erscheinungstermine.de/relea … ils-1.html

Oh. I have been waiting for that one. Guess I did not get in :frowning:
Have fun and keep us updated.

Ps. No word on your opy of Civ 4. But do you still want it now?

Well, they only let you play hours a week right now as they can only handle so much data at a time. I’m still downloading the client. But I calculated the time difference and I can play from Sunday 8am to 2pm and Wednesday 8am to 12pm. So the time difference works out great for me since I work evenings. Some guy in Australia got accepted but he’s at work when the times allow play.

I plan on coming to Taipei next Sunday to look for Civ 4…and another game called “The Movies”.

Civ 4 won a “best game of the year award” pc.gamespy.com/articles/671/671733p1.html