Word 2004 for Mac/Chinese Win XP problem

I have a shiny new iMac at work and everything is working fine - except for an issue with saved .doc files from Word 2004.

Here are the setups of the respective systems in use:

iMac (OS X 10.4.10) with English Word 2004
PC 1 (English XP) with English Word 2003
PC 2 (Chinese XP) with Chinese Word 2003

If I save a .doc file on the Mac, I can open it on PC 1 (English) but not on the Chinese PC. Running the compatibility check shows no issues. If I open it on PC 1 and then save (changing nothing), PC 2 is then able to open it. This problem only occurs with .doc files; .rtf, .ppt, .xls .pdf etc are all fine.

Anyone else had this problem and worked out a way to fix it?

Do you have a font installed on the iMac (especially a Chinese font, for example PiMingLiu) that is used in the document, but is not installed on Chinese PC2?

opening and saving it on the PC1 may invoke a magical hidden font substitution.

Many fonts available for MacOffice are not the same in XP Office, and a similar yet different font is substituted instead.

An alternative may be that the name of the file may have (hidden) unallowed characters or may even be written in a font that is not recognised in the Chinese XP. opening it on a PC with another language of XP may also involve a font substitution. a third problem may be bit order of the file, and there mayu be differences in the way the actual file is written to Chinese and English language XP environments.

Sounds like a another typical Word story.

Thanks - I’ll do some experimenting based on your ideas and see what happens.

I had the same problem, and solved it by making sure file extensions were showing on my mac. For example, the file needs to say “file.doc” on the mac instead of “file”. Hidden file extensions don’t automatically become viewable when you move a file to windows.

Good call, but I tried that already. Thanks!

Curiously, if I save the same file in NeoOffice using the .doc format, the Chinese computer has no problem reading it. I’ve set up an Automator workaround which will open the finished Word document in NeoOffice and then immediately save it and close, but it’s still bugging me why Word won’t work properly.

As for Urodacus’ suggestions, it’s not a font problem - I’ve tested it using exactly the same fonts on the PC and Mac. It seems like it’s something to do with the metadata associated with a file save.

OK, thanks for the update. cross platform compatability (or lack thereof) is still a bugbear of MS Office, unfortunately.

another thing that has been getting to me recently, and is only slightly on topic, is the number of pdf files i receive that have broken Chinese fonts in them. the font prints (both to screen and to printer), but every character seems to be missing one or two strokes, which makes it pretty hard to read. (on my office and on my home Mac, running OSX 10.3.9 and 10.4.3 respectively, using Adobe reader v7 and v8, and also with Preview) any ideas? is this only a Mac problem?