Word of Warning: Surprise Deposits after 6 weeks!

I arrived here last August and began working at Kojen. I definitely have my reservations about Kojen, similar to those that have been discussed elsewhere on this site. So last month, I quit.

I found a great new job at one of those hard-core foreign run buxibans. It’s actually a spin-off of the Modawei type. I don’t want to name names (or debate the merits of that system), because I really liked the school up until 5:10 today, after 2 weeks of working there and about a month of training.

My boss had mentioned several times that payday was this Saturday. I was eagerly waiting for my relatively huge paycheck. Today, after my class, he sat me down and explained that actually, he was going to hold my pay for these two weeks as a deposit. It’s “school policy,” apparently. I’m not pleased, to say the least.

This is just a word of warning – I’ve heard many people complain about having to pay deposits up front, but who ever heard of a deposit being taken out of your paycheck, without warning, after 6 weeks of interaction (two of which were solid teaching) at the school? It can happen, apparently…

I’m going to try and talk to my boss a bit more about this, but any suggestions from you legal eagles would be helpful. =)

It is illegal to withhold pay, I believe. Talk to the Labor Law Office.

:fume: Definitely illegal. I would be pissed too. Sick McGruff the crime dog on them.

It wouldn’t hurt to throw the place’s name out there so future job hunters can beware. Wouldn’t happen to be Tomcat, would it?

This may not be a deposit. It might be a delay in when you get paid.
So, if you worked for a month, they might be paying you from the last cut-off until this cut-off.

In that case you should get paid for one more paycheck after your last day at the school.

That isn’t a deposit, that’s delay in pay, and it’s perfectly legal.

If there’s any talk of forfeiting that pay if something goes wrong, however, then that would be a sort of stealth deposit and would really suck.

Maybe it is worth saying again. If you run into B.S. policies and people not wanting you to have a copy of your contract, deposits, unpaid admin required, etc., etc, etc., you are looking for work at a school that you will more than likely learn to hate. Run - don’t walk - the hell out of there. If you are a legal teacher with any experience and you will show up on time, give a good and well prepared lesson, you will have absolutely no problem finding a decent job at good pay, without the crap.
I know this has been said in many places and in many ways but it all boils down to the old adage that you must sleep in the bed that you make.