Word Press or Wix?

About to redo my website and one designer is suggesting a switch to WP.

Current site is Wix. I like Wix a lot.

Any thoughts?

Depends on your requirements. If it’s just a design update and Wix’s functionality is good enough for your current site, I’d say don’t fix what ain’t broke.

Wordpress could be cheaper depending on how it’s hosted, but it’s going to be a little more annoying to make site updates yourself. Wix’s interface is simpler and cleaner.

In general it’s usually not a good idea to let a designer dictate your tech, in my experience.


WordPress is more flexible and you’re not stuck on the Wix plan. You can host anywhere you want depending on needs.

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Wix is slick, but they squeeze cash out of you at every opportunity. If you don’t mind trading off some functionality for cost savings, WP will undoubtedly work out cheaper. I just set up a little e-commerce site using WP/Ecwid. It’s a bit limited compared to the Wix equivalent, but I had it finished in a day and it’s free. We have a similar site running on Wix that cost about $20 a month upfront.

As mentioned though, WP may not necessarily do what you want doing. I went with Wix in the second instance because of the Google visibility it gets you, with very little SEO knowledge required.

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Wix is a one-stop solution giving you everything that you need (including some sort of SEO) to kickstart your landing page or more complex website all within the same platform. WP itself is free, but you might end up forking out money multiple times for hosting and a few plugins, each with its own learning curve. If you get over the initial difficulties, though, the latter would give you a far better outcome and much more control.

I would say, try to redo your website through Wix and if you are happy with the outcome, just stick to it. Otherwise, check out Elementor (I’m not getting any commission :sweat_smile: :laughing: I just like it) whose block editor is somewhat similar to that of Wix. Elementor would work as a WP plugin.


If you’ve got a designer already, I’d go with WordPress. Unless you’ve already got a working site you like and your designer is making work for himself.

If you’re going to do the hosting on your own but you don’t know much about dealing with the backend, I’d go with a managed WordPress hosting service. Godaddy and HostGator are on the cheaper end. WP Engine on the higher. Not sure what you’re working with so I don’t know what to suggest.

Is this a Taiwan based site? If you only have a small amount of daily local traffic that could change some things. Also if it’s eCommerce or for content.

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