Work ARC to APRC better than JFRV to APRC

In a bit of an odd situation regarding preparing applying for my APRC. Basically I’ve been working in Taiwan for 4 years 10 months. I’ve always worked in an office at three different companies and had a couple of 1-2 month extensions in between work ARCs. I’ve currently been working at my current company since March.

My 5 year APRC application date is mid-July however I was just married to a local 2 weeks ago. I have been pushing my company to enroll me for the new labor pension act so that I can start receiving pension payments etc… However they told me I must first apply for my JFRV to be enrolled.

So went to the immigration office to see if I could change my work ARC to a JFRV so that I can start getting pension, and still be able to apply for a foreign professional APRC in July but they said this was not possible. If going from JFRV to APRC the documents they require are different and you would be considered a dependent when applying in July for my APRC (you can still apply for open work permit of course).

Although you can still apply for APRC the lady explained that this APRC would still be subject to the 183 days in Taiwan requirement. Previously one lady at immigration told me when applying for my last ARC extension in February that I could use this extension to apply for a foreign professional APRC in July but the lady I spoke to yesterday said that she was 100% sure this was not possible. She said you could still apply for APRC but it would not be the foreign professional APRC with relaxed resident requirements, only need to enter Taiwan once every 5 years to maintain status.

So in short what I learned was that:
Work ARC to APRC = Foreign Professional APRC (5 years 1 entry requirement)
JFRV to APRC = Dependent APRC (183 day residency per year)
ARC Extension to APRC = Dependent APRC (183 day residency per year)

Lastly, she also told me that a JFRV ARC also has the 183 day residency per year, but I don’t really understand this. I know you have to renew every one or three years, but how can a marriage visa be subject to this requirement??

I didn’t question any further because the choice seems clear, I have to work a few more months and go with my work permit and company employment certificate in hand (less than 1 month) to apply for my APRC. Then hopefully within a month or so I will get my new shiny APRC, which means I can leave Taiwan for up to 5 years and still keep my status.

Anyway, just thought I’d share this information, I found a lot of conflicting information online and find it a shame that I might not be eligible for pension payments the next couple of months. But oh well. I’ll be happy once I have the APRC in hand.


Does this occur when you are currently on an ARC Extension and apply for APRC or does it apply to having an extension anytime leading up to the 5 year mark to qualify for an APRC?

There is no specific Taiwanese marriage Visa. Where does this rumor always coming from ?

What is an ARC Extension to APRC ???

As far as I know, there are only 2 ways to get an APRC. Having an ARC for 5 continuously years, either by marriage with a Taiwanese local (JFRV) or through legal, officially recognized work.

I have heard, that the 183 day rule for marriage APRC isn’t valid anymore, so the same “once set foot in 5 years” rule (might) apply as well.
Can anybody confirm this by now or is that still in the Taiwanese legislator been discussed ?

I have no idea about the pension though.

Ah. It clicked.

ARC extension to APRC.
I think that refers to spouses of ARC/APRC holders. After 5 years they could get an APRC as well, but they can’t get get an OWP.
Is that right ?

Is there such a thing as an “Work ARC”, is not every ARC the same except that the reason why one was issued to you might be different(e.g. based on a work permit or a JFRV).

I figured the ARC is just a an ID card for non-nationals, and some get issued one due to marriage, some are issued one due to having obtained a work visa etc.

I personally have a ARC card, although I obtained it due to having a JFRV. If I were to change it to a APRC it would be a ARC - APRC exchange, and not JRFV - APRC as the OP seems to imply.

spousal ARC is based on a marriage, not on a JFRV. When you change the purpose of ARC from work to marriage, I don’t think you need to get a JFRV. Am I wrong?

the requirement to get an APRC is slightly different between spousal ARC holders, most of others, and special foreigners.

All APRC holders can get their OPWs, though spouses may not need it.

I think you won’t be receiving pension payments for quite some time, but afaik you should be able to enroll in the “new system” immediately by showing your mariage certificate and ARC, even if the ARC is not marriage-based. If the company disputes this, I suggest talking to the government.

It’s probably worth it to stay on your work-based ARC for a few more months, to avoid headaches. :2cents:

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If you hold a marriage based ARC (what tends to be called a JFRV, even though that’s the name of the visa that usually goes with it), your ARC should include a statement that you don’t need a work permit.

If you hold an APRC, you’re expected to apply for an open work permit (even though the law seems to say that you have open work rights as soon as your APRC is issued).

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It was my understanding that all APRC holders are now (will be?) eligible for pension, not just marriage-based. Was looking forward to being able to enroll.

My spec was based on marriage, they mentioned no need for open work permit.

Later on got divorce and asked if need one now, but they didn’t know. Anyone here know what happens to spouse based spec after divorce?

I already divorced years ago and travelled abroad on the visa so no issues with its standing with immigration it seems, but curious how that changes things.

I think you need to get a work permit to work, though there might be special regulations on divorced spouses under specific circumstances. doing a business and working might be different somehow.

Yes, they said that a year or two (or more?) ago, but every time I check it’s still the same: spouses and divorcees/widow(er)s who are permitted to remain are subject to the new system, but everyone else is still in the old system.

Yes, as far as I have been told, extensions between ARCs is ok. It is just that when you’re at the 5 year mark or want to apply for an APRC you should have a work-based ARC and valid work permit. Only in this case will you be granted a foreign professional APRC.

Thank you for everyone pitching in and pointing out the incorrect terminologies used. I do know quite well the different visa statuses and what they allow. The only reason I made this post was to inform people what I have been told because it contradicted other information I have found online.

I was previously told that if you had previously been awarded a work permit in Taiwan and later switch to a marriage-based, and then later to APRC you could apply for a foreign professional APRC, but turns out this is wrong.

Also I have read multiple sources that state that when you are on an ARC extension (between work ARCs or looking for a job), you can apply for a foreign professional APRC. But this turns out not to be true either. As you are not working at the time of application you will just get an ordinary APRC which is still subject to the 183 day per year residency requirement.

Let’s hope that soon all APRCs and marriage-based APRCs will also follow the more relaxed residency requirement of only setting foot in Taiwan once every 5 years.

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I just called the NIA and they said if the ARC I had before applying for the APRC was based on marriage then I am still subjected to the 183 days minimum stay in order for my APRC to continue being valid.

I am in hopes that the rep is mis-informed. So I want to ask here if anyone knows about the minimum stay for APRC holders who were on marriage ARC previously. Is it still 183 days? Are there any laws waiting to pass to change this?

I ask because I find many times people in this forum can inform better than NIA reps.

In high hopes here… :disappointed_relieved:

I have held APRC for many years, I think it is really necessary for the minimum stay to change. Are foreigners who WORK here and have children of TWN citizenship not contributing to the economy?

But you can still apply for a 2 year exemption?

It seem you can still apply for the 2 years, but I don’t know under which excuse and if you must be back right after. Also, as the passport number changes if you need to have a new passport, how would you enter the island again with a different passport?

Then there is also the question if after the 2yr leave you can (or not) still apply for a 2nd extended leave.

Seems you found the other thread: APRC 2 year leave - should I stay or should I go now

Still trying to find out all the details

What is your reason to extend your APRC?