Work ARC to APRC better than JFRV to APRC


Well then tell NIA your “personal” reason.




I can’t give any legal advice but my aprc being based on marriage and I left for 9 months. I asked them prior how to arrange as it was directly after receiving my aprc and they said apply online. Asked if I need to confirm and come in after sending the form, they said nope. After the leave from Taiwan I was still allowed into the country without an eyebrow raised.

Seems far too simple though. I’m curious how it all works as well as every time I ask nia questions I get different answers on various topics. So search acts, regulations and government websites. At least then when you go to court you have that to show the judge not a forum discussion, Facebook reply or a non evidence based claim they told you that.

I printed out everything before my departure as I felt it was way too easy to be real, at least then I had a bargaining chip when things went pear shaped. Luckily, they did not.


Thank you for the information.

May I know when you applied? And since you left for 9 months only, did you have to apply for the full 2 years extension or only the period you would be out of the country?


2 years ago. I didn’t apply for 2 years I gave them departure and return dates as for my situation it was a specific period. I also made a point to explain to them it is related to my education for my return back to work and bringing new ideas back to Taiwan. I’m self employed.