Work at another buxiban than the one on my ARC

Can anyone tell me what will happen to a foreigner who is caught working at a buxiban (cram school) other than the one listed on his/her ARC? I am assuming that the other buxiban is alos a legal one but if I just sub a class… I know of plenty of stories of deportation etc for those without work permits but if I have one for another school will this make a difference? If it makes any difference I am in Kaohsiung.

IF you get caught you are breaking the law - you will get deported.

The chances of you actually getting caught are extremely slim.

For your info this is what the law says:

Article 53:

An employer shall not behave in the following manners:

Employ or continuously give employment to foreign persons without permission, or when the permission has been invalidated,

Employ foreign persons under his own name to work for other people,

Employ or continuously give employment to foreign persons for whom others have applied for work permits,

Assign foreign persons to engage in work other than that denoted in the permit.

Article 54:

In case any of the following conditions prevail, the foreign person’s work permit shall be partially or completely revoked:

Working for an employer not certified in the work permit,

Engaging in work not mentioned in the work permit,

The existence of any of the situations specified in Article 52,

Refusal to have regular physical check-ups during the period of employment, or if the physical and/or mental competence of the employee is inadequate for the work assigned, or if the employee suffers from an infectious disease stipulated by act or death.

Violation of the demands prescribed in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 44, Article 45, Article 46, or paragraph 1 of Article 47, causing serious consequences,

Violation of other laws or regulations of the Republic of China, causing serious consequences.

Any foreign person whose work permit has been revoked as denoted in the previous paragraph, shall be compelled to leave the country immediately and shall not be allowed to seek work in the Republic of China.


Employment Services Act
Chapter 5 - The Recruitment and Supervision of Foreign Persons.


I am taking a medical as I am changing jobs to another kindergarden. I am afraid though that I will be positive in the drugs test. I have stalled on taking the test for one month for this reason.

What happens if I test positive?
I already have a visa through another kindergarden. Can I be deported for testing positive alone?
Is this also true for the AIDS test ?

If you test positive, they will throw you in the Foreigners’ Prison in SanHsia, Taipei County.

You will no doubt find that a very educational experience.

I know that my friend Mike Tyson spent some time in prison, and he told me that he was never treated unfairly by the other inmates. However, both Mike and I can bench press 500 lbs., so people tend to leave us alone.

You might be in a different category. So, it is something to think about – whether you want to get involved with drugs or not.