Work Culture in Taiwan Office

Hi Guys,

Can you share what is the work culture like Taiwan office?

Especially for IT/ engineering/ project management position?

Is there any work-life balance, especially for the more senior roles? E.g. senior engineers, project lead, project managers?

The best work-life balance I’ve seen in Taiwan is from construction workers, start at 7-8 AM, go home at 5 PM.


Chew Betel nuts and drink Paolyta for lunch

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:rofl: 12 hrs work 12 hrs life 5-6 days a week

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Really depends on the company culture and age of the management and other colleagues.
common beliefs are that foreign owned companies are better in terms of office culture compared to local companies, but I know it’s not the case always.
management can be difficult at times, many treat subordinates like serfs.
I also find many companies have a " cost down " attitude that makes them penny wise and pound foolish


Really depends on the company , there is wide variation . Traditionally would have been expected to put at least an hour overtime a day. Also depends on the role, some places and some roles you’ll finish right on time and it’s not a problem.

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The zero work-life balance/overwork to death stereotype is blown out of proportion. That might be true in Japan/Korea/HK, but not necessarily in Taiwan. Sure, those shit jobs/companies exist, and despite how some European out-of-touch snobs love to claim, some sectors just need to put in longer hours than others, but they are not the norm.

Most people I know work normal (8) hours. Holidays are usually few though. That’s hard to be argued.


My wife is far from a European out-of-touch snob and she’s still working now.


You are welcome.

Thanks for calling me a snob. Made my day.:grin:

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And a hint of condescension.

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Europeans are total snobs when it comes to holidays. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen Europeans bragging about their 5 weeks holidays when they shit on America. You don’t seem to realise that European vacation policy, while good, is the exception, not the norm.

Also, many low-information Europeans seem to equate “holidays not regulated on the federal level” with “Americans don’t have any holidays”. The same goes for maternity leaves and healthcare. It’s really cringey.

And some “low information” americans are total snobs when it come to the rest of the world… :star_struck:


Europeans have more than 5,000 years of civilization, and all that.

America is relatively young.

You sound like the Chinese throwing out the 5,000 years of history. So 5,000 years ago there was no civilization in America?

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Civilization is all relative.

Giving posters the benefit of the doubt is important. Like Charlie was making a joke.

Otherwise somebody might comment on your dig about the Chinese, or the fact that you refer to the pre-colonial indigenous people’s lands as “America” or “the US”.

They certainly could and I would similarly point out that France republic was founded after the US in 1792 and Italy and Germany were not nations until the 1870s. But I guess we can still refer to people before that as “Germany” and “Italy” because theyr’e white right?

I don’t know. You just did.

Well good joke all the same. :wink:

You’re just joking around? Fair enough. I thought that was the case. It was too self-righteous to be true. You’ve managed to pull that off for a long time. All credit, sir!