Work in Taiwan

i know there is a forum for finding the work in taiwan… but for someone with just a highschool graduation (straight A’s) and troubleshoots, repairs, and has even built hardware for computers.

I am very very easy going and am calm in bad or unusual situations.
I could teach english very easily and would have no problem thinking up tactics and what not…

what im getting at is…

what kind of work is there for me in Taiwan(Taipei) and do they require qualifications (degrees) or is experience or outgoingness (real word?) good enough for them?

to get a contract here, you need a degree, whether it is in applied linguistics or basket-weaving. it must be from an accredited university.

to work illegally, you can try coming over, and doing visa runs every two months to hong kong etc. some people do this successfully, others don’t. up to you.

this kind of question has been asked a plethora of times in the “teaching english in taiwan” forum. head there and take a look.

i guess what im saying is… is there any kind of work besides teaching english??

i thought i would be able to get something going… or should i just not come…

and if teaching english is my only option… can i take a TESL course in Taiwan (dont care about price) and be legally aloud to teach?

comments? suggestions?

no - you need a degree. any degree.

try the teaching in english in taiwan board. this kind of question has been asked and answered there (where it belongs).

so does TESL 7 day course cover the “degree” needed :stuck_out_tongue:

i find it a little difficult to belive that you got straight a’s, but your plan for coming over here is to “get something going” … massage parlours - or what? be a little more specific please, if you want useful advice.

if you want to get a residency permit, usually good for a renewable one-year stay, then teaching is your likely route. it’s unlikely that you will be hired for other jobs without a relevant degree and pretty good mandarin ability.

if you are looking for opinion, i think flying in and out every 2 months is a waste of time and money, although you do get frequent holidays if you look at it like that. if you want to save money, i don’t think that’s the best way to do it. others may disagree, but i think coming here with a degree so you can get a work permit is the better option.

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There are plenty of people here who can put together a PC. You won’t get a job in that. What can you do that the rest of the population here (mostly) can’t?