Work out group in Yong He

Curious if anyone in the Yong He area, or anywhere close would be interested in starting an informal fitness group at the park near ding-xi station (not number Four park). My obsession is currently with tabata style workouts but I’m open. I’ve been in Taiwan for five years and used to attend a fun little kick boxing group at CKS, and haven’t really been able to find another group like it. I was thinking Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30pm. If there are any suggestions, that would be great too.

hi there, iam a living in the area and why not going to the gym? it is quiet cheap, not the best one ever, but have enough equipment and is usually empty ( as taiwanese don’t like excercice in general). i go to a small one, from dingxi station, after the night market you have some liquor shop… just carry on straight, and you will find it. baoping road near family mart.
you should try it

Thanks for the suggestion, but I actually do work outs in the early afternoon. I just thought it would be fun to get a group of people together to meet new people in a stress free setting.

in which gym are you going?

The school I work at has a nice gym/dance floor, so I just work out on my lunch break at school.