Work outings and trips

from my experience, employees seem to have different tastes when it comes to employee trips.

The first was to a little garden with loads of little plastic models with anime smiling faces everywhere. My thoughts were - this is for children… and the only children in the group were the managers kids. She paid for us all though so it was a perfectly pleasant free trip out.

The second kinda blew my mind. I was invited by a prospective employee who offered me a job. She said the hotel would cost 2000元 and I’d have to pay for a couple of other meals. I thought fair enough - since I hadn’t accepted the job she wasn’t going to fork out and pay for me. Turned out the hotel was kind of an amusement park with rides for kids, lots more plastic statues and little plays with people dressed in fluffy outfits. Again, the only kids was a son of one of the employees, the rest of us were all adults. Not only that, but I find out that everyone had to pay for themselves, and then she takes us all to a very expensive restaurant which clearly she can afford but none of her employees can. Cheapest meal - 550元 plus service charge. She wants to pay me 30 thousand a month for full time 6 hours a day work. I turned it down.

So, what are your experiences?