Work permission for non Native English Speakers

I’m having a little problem, because I’m not a native English speaker, and it appears somehow that I can’t get a work permit as an English teacher here.

I got great grades in English and, I traveled around in 15 countries in Europe during my school years.

I’m getting my college graduation certificate translated into English, and until that comes I don’t know if I have a BA in my major. We don’t normally use a BA in our job searching.

My major is Computer Technician/Engineer. If anyone knows if that is a BA degree in Taiwan, please tell me.

Is there any chance to become a English teacher without being a native English speaker, graduating from a college/university in a native English speaking country, and having a BA degree?

not legally

No, actually it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a native speaker; what matters is if you can show a passport from a country that Taiwan considers a “native English speaking country.” I had a friend from Guatemala who was definitely NOT a native English teacher (although he was a gifted teacher and taught very well, IMHO – I hired him without hesitation for my program at the time) but since he had a US passport, there was no problem whatsoever about hiring him as an English teacher. (The fact that he was eye candy probably didn’t hurt his popularity among the female students much, either… :laughing: ) But the point was that with the US passport, he was automatically qualified in the eyes of the Taiwanese government, regardless of his actual native language or abilities.

Sad but true, in the case of many dedicated teachers who don’t happen to be native English speakers…