Work permit cancelled early without the holder's permission?

Can a company cancel my working visa without my knowledge ? if it is so, then what can i do? plz pm me

You have not given us enough background information to be able to answer your question.

However, as a general guideline, if you have a work visa you certainly must have a contract. What does the contract say about dismissal, cancellation, early termination, etc. ??

The short answer is yes.

The work permit is not really owned by anyone, but if you did need to give it ownership then I think that you could consider that it was owned by the school. It is for all intents and purposes a sponsorship of your visa. If the school no longer wants to sponsor your visa for any reason then I believe that they have every right to revoke this sponsorship.

As Hartzell points out though they would be best to do this without breaching your employment contract as doing so could bring some strife for them. Providing however that they were not acting contrary to the contract then I don’t see any protection for you from this happening.

Technically the CLA is meant to inform you in wirting and within a certain period of time that your work permit has been cancelled and you then have seven to ten days to leave the country. You can then reapply through another employer.

What if that doesn’t happen?

Written notification is not sent?
No reason for the cancellation is stated?
The CLA is at a loss to explain the connundrum[ currently searching their records]…and the FAP is doing their best to help me out.

Already have a new work permit…BUT…the previous 3 year permit had been cancelled …then applying for the extension, the FAP informed me that I had already over stayed several months. :help:

Their hands are tied by the data that comes up on their screen from the CLA, and the CLA is trying to find out where and how it was cancelled in the first place…and That I already have another permit!?,but have to pay the 10000NT and exit reenter Taiwan. :noway:

The previous permit was under the school’s previous name. We called the CLA and asked if any further changes were required for the permit and were told, No. So…school changed name LAST year…and the permit was cancelled THIS year, 6 months after the fact…and NO written cancellation was ever recieved. :question:

Hoping the CLA can clear this up at this point…any other ideas would be welcomed.