Work permit for 5-years Experience with no degree


I have an offer on the table for a job at one of the large tech companies here, in a senior creative position. I have no degree and have lived here on a working holiday visa. I understand there are two types of work permit; Degree with 2 years experience… No degree = 5 years experience.

Can anyone who has applied for this work permit in the past tell me the whole process? what exactly do I need to have ready for them etc. I have had freelance clients for 5+ years who are businesses, but have only worked in agencys for 1-2 years at a time, not at one single agency for 5 years at once… Will that be a problem?

Many thanks, really would appreciate the advice!


there was a thread on this that I found like a month ago. I have no idea what I searched for but can’t for the life of me find it again :frowning:


All you need are employment certificates from companies you have worked for with cumulative 5 years experience. Not really sure if they will accept freelance experience though. That was the route I took 16 years ago when I first came here. 7 years experience in graphics design but without a degree.


Thanks for the reply man, so as long as my previous jobs add up to 5 years it will be ok?, for example 2 years at one agency, one place for a year, another place for 2 years?.. I don’t have to be at a single job for 5 years ?


Yes that is correct. I had a total of 4 employment certificates that I submitted to my employer. They have to be notarized and submitted to the Taipei Economic Office in your country for authentication. Good luck on your new job!


How would they be notarized? Mine are literally signed letters of recommendation from previous employers. Hmmm


Ask your nearest TECRO/TECO what they require to notarise documents.



I am in a similar situation but I have not found any official government info regarding a working permit with no degree if 5 years experience.

How does it work exactly ? everyone can apply for, or it depends of the job ?


It depends on the job.

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