Work Permit for a Travel Agent?

I am currently in the process of setting up a small operation, whereby I act as an agent for various tour companies back in my country (SA), selling tour packages to SA, to locals, through various local travel agencies.

As such, can I get a work permit/ARC?

Your advice, experience and suggestions please…



Anyone, any info?


Maybe, if you set it up as a representative office or branch office of a SA travelagent.

If you overview the relevant legislation regarding work permits for foreigners in the ROC, which is the Employment Services Act, you will see that it involves the concept of “fixed employer.”

That may not be specifically stated in the law, but it is indeed inherent in the formulation.

As such, according to the description of activities which you have made in this thread, I don’t see that you actually have a “fixed employer” which would be recognized under Taiwan law.

Hence, unless there is a major legal revolution here or something, where foreigners with residency rights are all given automatic work rights and that sort of civilized treatment, … it seems to me that you are out of luck.

– Richard W. Hartzell