Work permit for Naturalized NWOHR by marriage but got divorced before getting Taiwan ID card

HI I was married to Taiwanese spouse and recently approved citizenship and got my Taiwan passport(what i came to know is i am NWOHR with new ARC (AF372 ) I will get Taiwan ID after 9 more months.
-I am working for this amazing company for 5 months already with above 50k per month salary.
-but just last week I got divorced and got my 6 years kid custody and full responsibility who is Taiwanese.
-I was in process of Renouncing my existing citizenship and surrender old passport. Now NIA told me i need to apply work permit since i am no longer spouse of Taiwanese.
so when i went to Labour office that deals with work permit near ximen station told me that i cant apply for work permit with Taiwan passport thats only for foreigners, and they are warning me i cant continue working in my current job too as its illegal now. i said how can i take care of my kid without working they said sorry you dont have any option but wait until you get your Taiwan ID… thats absurd how can one live for 10 months without income?
it seems i am missing something here ? It seems a bureaucracy issue don’t know who to contact. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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I don’t know what I could do in this sticky situation except recommend a lawyer.

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If you have full custody over your child you can get an ARC based on you being his parent, and I think that ARC has open work rights. Not sure how that works if you are an NWOHR, since your ARC is already based on naturalization but worth a shot.


Also, @yyy may be able to confirm, but once you renounce your original citizenship you should not need a work permit since NWOHR’s with only Taiwan nationality have open work rights AFAIK.

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That fits with what I recall, but I don’t recall what the thread where it was previously discussed is titled.

I spoke to Taiwanese official, who assists new immigrants she called immigration and confirmed that if i have custody of Taiwanese child i dont need Work permit , and also if i dont have other nationality than i dont need work permit too, so i fit for the first one, but gonna process renunciation too. will update once i get more details. Thank you all for quick reply. @yyy @meishijia


Great to hear it’s all gonna work out

I think it was mentioned in some other thread that a TARC holder without their original citizenship doesn’t need a work permit.

Anyway, it’s good to hear you got it sorted out.

Also I think a holder of a TARC can apply for an open work permit using the same form that new holders of work-based APRCs use, which will keep you covered until your renunciation is processed. Pretty sure that even if you already don’t hold another nationality you can apply for the open work permit, useful for assuring employers who aren’t aware of the law that you are most definitely permitted to work in Taiwan.