Work Permit in Hand, 90 days almost up

Hey Everyone, I currently have my work permit being processed, however my visa exempt 90 days is almost up. Once my work permit has been processed, my next step would be to apply for my ARC, but my 90 days will be up before I can successfully acomplish this. Would you all recommened once my 90 days in up, I go to Hong Kong and directly return to Taiwan again on a 90 day visa exempt trip, or should I apply for a vistor visa in Hong Kong instead. If I understand correctly, you are supposed to have some kind of a visa in order to apply for ARC, however I will have proof of work and work permit as well as my company’s help in applying for ARC, so do you think 90 days will be ok? THANK YOU~~

You don’t need to do a visa run. All you need to do is go down to the immigration building and apply for your resident visa. Once this is done then you are pretty much a resident of Taiwan although you are required to go through the ARC process once they have finished processing your resident visa. Your school/company should know how to do this.

Immigration gives temporary ARC extension if work permit is in process or even just applied. Visit the office and let them know.

oops I incorrectly read the OP. If he doesn’t have the work permit by the date that he needs to fly out then he might need to fly out. Work permits can be processed really fast though. the best place to ask these questions is at NIA or to have your school/business call them.

Do what others have advised and talk with an NIA agent ASAP. Ask them if having a letter from your boss, stating that your work permit is in process, will allow you to stay legal without leaving the country.

Although the BOCA website states for visa-exempt entry: “white-collar professionals who have obtained the work permits within their legal stay may apply for work visas…”–whether or not it can be applied in your case is up to the discretion of the NIA, so it’s best to contact them right away.

When someone applies for workpermit (employer usually), the get a receipt. That receipt copy is sufficient to get an immediate extension, including if presented the very last day of 90 days.