Work permit question

I have a few questions pertaining to a work permit.
My ARC is set to expire soon, but I just secured a new job. However, I am a bit worried because I cannot complete a health check due to the COVID, so starting the process for the work permit will have to wait. Can the health check be done at a later date? Also, I was given a certain number of hours verbally ( 20+ hours), but I noticed the Chinese contract that will be submitted for the work permit only states 14 hours. I know 14 hours is the minimum for a work permit. Can anyone clarify on this? What is the maximum number of hours a teacher can work as well? The school was telling me that the 14 hours stated was only for getting the work permit. For the contract to be valid, both parties must sign and date the document, correct? The school should also put a stamp to validate it as well?

AFAIK, no.

Anything over 14 hours counts as a ‘full-time’ work permit. That’s the minimum your school should, in theory, guarantee. Less than 14 is a ‘part time’ work permit. You can have a maximum of 32 hours spread over multiple jobs, but you need at least one ‘full-time’ job to count as a main sponsor and qualify for ARC. Hope that makes sense!

In my experience just a signature is okay. The Chinese version is the important one, so make sure you get a copy of that

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Ok great, thank you so much. Do you know of a hospital that can expedite the return of the health check?

AFAIK, no. It always takes around 10 days.

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Did you find a job or get it through recruiter? If you found it ask your school which hospital. If recruiter ask them. Whoever needs it should technically pick it up for you.

The school says I need to do it myself. It seems like they were eager to sign me then once I signed, they sort of distanced themselves.

14hours is the minimum hours you need in order to get sponsored for your arc.

you can still complete a health check, some hospitals are doing it, some aren’t. Contact immigration they will assist you.

You can work as many hours as you want.

if you currently have an ARC and you are in a crunch, the immigration office will help you extend for a month, and if you really need more time, you can get a 6month extension.

Unfortunately , I have already exceeding the 6 month extension( twice), so I’m afraid of the uncertainty. I’m aware of the 30 day extension, so it looks like it will get to that point. I may be overthinking, but I’m worried the school will go with another teacher as the time creeps closer towards my expiration date. This will leave me with less time to get situated with another school.

I believe an exemption was put in place for this.

“Due to the severe circumstances related to the pandemic, some of the designated hospitals have stopped conducting health examination in compliance with the measures taken. The Ministry of Labor had announced officially that at the moment cram schools applying for language teachers’ work permit are not required to provide the health check, with an aim to reduce cross-cities movement in order to acquire health check.”

Note: it’s best checking if this is still valid due to no end date specified for the exemption.

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Will a health check be required at a later date when starting a new job with an open work permit?

I have a feeling they will want one and I’d rather do it while on vacation.