Work permit: restricted to 1 job, or not?

Situation: A person has an ARC on grounds of marriage to a Taiwanese citizen.

The following questions:

  1. Does a person require a work permit to legally earn money?

  2. For how long is a work permit valid? What are the costs involved? Who makes application? What is the process duration?

  3. Does a single work permit allow for legal participation in more than 1 employment opportunity?

Thank you.


If you have an ARC with your spouse’s name on it. You are allowed to work whereever and whenever you like without a work permit. You can have 10 jobs if you have the stamina. As long as it’s not something like a brain surgeon, you need qualifications for that I think.

Jeez, this has sure never come up before.
All as Brother BFM has said, but, in addition, be aware that your spouse must have a household registration somewhere as well.

BFM, Chief

  1. My Taiwanese wife is registered with Household Registration. So am I.

  2. On my ARC the relation to my wife is indicated (her name appears). It is still only an ARC and permanent residence has not been acquired.

  3. If I DON’T need a work permit, how would the government know that I’m liable for taxes? What is the procedure here to be declared a legal earner of income?

  4. In this situation, am I cleared to work at 2 or 3 different companies at the same time e.g. independent consultant, investment advisor, financial planner?

  5. Where can one confirm your statement of being able to work without a work permit on grounds of my ARC/residence status.

Thank you for your input.

They know you’re liable for taxes by the simple fact of your employer issuing tax statements. And by fact of marriage you have the choice of either filing separately or together. If you’re married to a local, the government registers your ARC number like a local ID number, meaning the company/school/etc. you work for does not have to issue monthly tax statements - you can just get an annual one like locals do (that is, if you’re sure the company pays taxes in the first place).

As BFM pointed out, you’re cleared to work at as many places as your heart desires. Of course that doesn’t include trafficking in ecstasy or selling hot tea blowjobs…

[quote=“Zardeli”]5. Where can one confirm your statement of being able to work without a work permit on grounds of my ARC/residence status.
It’s a proviso of Article 48 of the Employment Law, enacted in January 2004. There’s a reference to it over at ( and the English text of the law is available at the Council of Labor Affairs’ website (

Your name might show up on the household registry as her spouse, but that is not the same as having household registration. Household registration is only available to citizens. Being a resident isn’t good enough.