Work permit: via post or online?

Hello, everyone!
I’m applying for a work permit tomorrow (my organization is a university where a student-assistant will try to help me, so we need any information we can get). Just wonder, who has any experience with these two options? Especially the negative experience wanted! I checked the forums here, it seems nobody asked such a question before.

So, what do you think is the best way to apply for a work permit: via post or online?

I assume you are a student, otherwise something is wrong.

Via online is faster, so better imo.

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Do it online, the process is pretty simple. After you’ve done it once, the system keeps most of your info so when you renew it you don’t need to enter all of it again.

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I’m in between a student and a grownup, I’m applying for a postdoctoral position.

Is there an option to apply by fax? That would be a good compromise between the two.

I think a work permit for a postdoctoral position is supposed to be applied by university. You are not just to tell the required info to the assistant, but requested to fill the form by yourself?

In Chinese

Nope :smiley:

I’m myself a former assistant, so, I know a little how it works. Yes, I can left all to the assisting student, but if one wants a secure result better use two heads in this situation. For instance, the assistant himself asked me which form is better. Although, a while ago, I used post, now there is a time pressure, so, I decided to check the expat collective experience bank here. By the way, I’m very grateful for all the replies!