Work Permit without bachelor degree


Hello Everyone,

I believe people have similar situation, but other topics are mainly related to “find a job” or to work as a teacher.

My situation is:

I have been working with my company in Europe for more than 5 years. We are now expanding and we are planning for me to work from Taiwan. However, I do not have anything else than High School diploma, no university degree or Bachelor.

Do you believe it is still possible to obtain Work permit ?

I have read the below from “Rules Governing the Approval and Administration of Foreign Specialist and Technical Personnel Employed by Public or Private Enterprises and Ranking Executive Employed by Overseas Chinese or Foreign National Invested Enterprises”.

Article 5: (under which I believe we can find my position)
The "specialized work" as referred to in these Rules shall mean the work relating to business promotion, market survey, personnel training, operating management, and relevant research work.

Article 10:
A foreign national to be employed to perform specialized or technical work in the Republic of China shall possess one of the following qualifications:

  1. Having obtained a certificate or practicing license relating to the work to be performed under the Act Governing the Examination of Personnel of Specialized Vocations and Technicians;
  2. Graduated from a relevant department of an university or above and having gained working experience in the relevant operations for more than two years;
  3. Having received high education or professional training, or having passed a professional examination, or having been a student of a specialist and having achieved good records and gained operation experience.
  4. Self-educated, and having creative viewpoints and outstanding performance.

The types of work in respect of which an application for employment of specialist and technical personnel having the qualifications as set forth in Items 3 and 4 of the preceding Paragraph shall be limited to those jointly decided through consultation by the competent authority and the Council of Labor Affairs of the Executive Yuan.

Would you know a bit about the bold paragraph above ?

Is it true you can obtain a visa by proving 5 years experience ? if so, does it work for any job ?

I hope I did not ask too many questions and kept it clear to understand.

thank you in advance


I had a four year degree, plus a master’s degree, but had did have enough work experience. However, the master’s degree substituted in for what I remember as two years worth of work experience and my application went through. So, your case could be similar, just flip flopped from my situation.

I’ve yet to hear anyone actually succeeding in acquiring a work permit without the university degree, but then again everyone’s case is different. Keep in mind that applications can be rejected despite being qualified and meeting the requirements! Normally doesn’t happen, but you never know!

@yyy is our resident know-it-all, he can clarify. :smiley:


Once again Honorable Ranlee flatters me. :blush:

I seem to remember a thread in which someone explained the process of proving five years of full-time experience, a few years ago.


Thank you both for your feedbacks. @yyy therefore, you confirm that it is possible to use work experience in substitution to university degree ?

thank you


Yes, but only for some jobs.

I’m not sure where that old thread about it is, but I think the OP in it was either @Backpacker or @backpacker24. (I might be thinking of something else. :idunno:)