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Hi, I am Indonesian interested to work in Taiwan as white collar employee. I have never studied in Taiwan before. I have received my tourist visa and able to stay for 14 days only. I wish I can stay longer as I doubt I can get a job offer in such a short period of time. Is it true that I need to work for at least 2 years to get my work permit? And if my employer has issued for me work permit, do I need to go back to Indonesia to apply for resident permit?

What type of job specifically?

Work 2 years to get a work permit?

Anyway it’s somewhat common for people if they find a job which may or may not require departing Taiwan to another country to apply for the appropriate documents.

Not sure about Indonesia specifically.

Office job dealing with international trade or international logistics / shipping. So is it possible to apply for resident permit in Taiwan without going back to home country?

yes, but it seems that you anyway need a visa run, unless you find a job before you enter taiwan.

you need to apply for resident visa 8 work days before the expiration date of your current visa with a work permit obtained by your employer. Processing time for the work permit is 7 working days. If you look for an employer after you come to Taiwan, you need at least 15 work days. even if you find an employer and they apply for your work permit on the day of your arrival, you cannot do that with your tourist visa for 14 days.

Resident Visas for White Collar Workers

The number of days for review ( for work permit)

basically you need a degree and 2 year experience relevant to the job. You will find details on work permit here.

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