Work permit

Well, this winter I will go to Taiwan to study Chinese (regarded as a full time student with 10 hours per week) at a goverment approved language school.

I will stay by my longtime girlfriend. To make things much more easier we both think about to marry due to a JFRV (with that I won’t have any problems regarding work and stay etc …)

Anyway, we both consider not to marry as well. Due to this great forum here I know I can extend my 60 day visitor visa twice and then get a resident Visa. As I arrive in Taiwan I won’t leave it for a very long time because my study and (money of course too …)

I want to study 2 or maybe even 3 years, how long would my resident Visa and my ARC been valid and (if) in which intervals I have to do extensions ?? Every time the University terms will finish ??

And most important, am I allowed to work part time in Taiwan legally just with a Resident Visa and an ARC ?? I think about work definately less than 15 hours weekly. This point I take very serious, because I don’t have any interest to get some trouble for the wedding-time later.

I know things would be much more easier with a wedding, but it is too early for that and we won’t want to give the “papers” too much meaning … And we never lived together more than 3 months, so we also want to take these time period as a test about our relationship.

Your answers are kindly apprecciate, thank you …

I can’t answer all your questions, but here are some thoughts.
I’m guessing from your post that you are possibly European (German? Dutch?) or perhaps do not hold a passport from an “English-speaking country” on the list. That will limit your legal work opportunities in Taiwan a lot because there just aren’t that many jobs available outside of English teaching.

You will also want to check carefully about how long you may legally study Chinese in Taiwan now…I think I heard about a limitation on the length of time foreigners could study language. That could influence your plans. I’m sure someone else can answer more completely. Also, try to search the archives as much as possible using differnet combinations of words and see what comes up.

Good luck.