Work permits and ARC

Hi all, is it possible to have an ARC without a work permit? Also I plan on coming over to Taiwan at the end of June and I have been wondering how hard is it to get a vistors visa. Is there any advice anyone can give to me about this process? Thanks in advance!

You haven’t stated if you are married or single.

ARCs are based on a resident visa and fall into five narrow categories: 1) employment, 2) investment, 3) joining family, 4) missionary activities, 5) full time student.

Of course, you need all sorts of official paperwork to prove your eligibility for any particular category . . . .

I am single

Getting a visitors visa is easy; go to the representative Taiwan Trade Office in your area (they have one in each T.O., Van, and Ottawa), fill out the papers, present your passeport, pay the fees and they’ll have it for you by the afternoon. As an alternative, you can get a 30 day tourist visa at immigration upon arrival, as long as you have an outbound ticket.

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I’d advise you to get a 60 day renewable visitor’s visa. Say you’re travelling or visiting friends, or whatever. On a Canadian passport, you can renew your 60 day visa twice, so your stay can be as long as 6 months. If during these 6 months you wish to leave Taiwan and come back, then each time you do that, you have to stop and get another visa. The ideal scenario is to just stay put for those 6 months and leave when you’re ready to leave.

Conversely, if you do in fact have family or friends here, you can apply for a multiple-entry visa. But they’d want you to validate your reasons. Hope this is helpful.

Oh yes, if you choose the 6 month route - make sure you have a plane ticket that shows you have a reservation booked for 6 months later.

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