Work visa -- issued in my home country?

[quote=“Sir Donald Bradman”]Carrie,
there may be exceptions, but for non-teaching jobs, to work legally you need 2 years experience in the field. Also there are only a limited number of ‘professional’ fields that employers can hire foreigners for. It seems to me that your boss is 99% unlikely to be able to get you a work permit. In this case you would be working illegally, which is possible but, um, illegal.

Oh yeah,

I wouldn’t count on it,

How do they prove the 2 year work experience? Do I need to show some sort of proof? If so, what kind of proof?

A letter from your former boss confirming the length of your tenure should be OK. Make sure to get stamps from the Taipei office in the country you live - but you might have to get stamps from other places as well.