Work VISA without a B.A

is it possible to get a work visa with out a university degree? or is this just a requirement for teaching positions?

Depends. In Taoyuan county you can obtain an ARC with a College 3 year + a TEFL.

What qualifications do youhave?

For teaching you cna do 2-years plus TESOL. Don’t know about others, but I think all require 1-2 years experience.


For a non-teaching job, the company that is hiring you needs you to fill out a foreigner employment form stating why the company needs to hire a foreigner for the position.

On the form has a list for education/related work experience reqs:
-If you have a BA/BSc you’ll need an additional two years of documented work experience.
-If you have a technical/college diploma(non BA/BSc) you’ll need an additional three years of documented work experience.
-If you only have a high-school degree you’ll need a whopping EIGHT years of work experience!

There’s lots of English teachers that get around that pesky rule by using a fake diploma.

But we at forumosa would know nothing about that

Yep, you can “study” Chinese too. We don’t know anything about that either. :wink: