Workers from shuttered factories -- Why no English coverage?

I’m really shocked to find that the major news story of the past two days seems to have gotten absolutely zero English-language coverage. The top headlines from Wednesday’s papers (translated by me):

Apple: “We’d be better off dead!” Shuttered factory employees reject gov’t proposal, lay on train tracks in protest
Liberty: Hundreds of laid-off workers from shuttered factories sit on train tracks to protest gov’t demand for payment
UDN: Chaos at Taipei Railway Station as shuttered factory employees lay on tracks

Nearly 200 (!) people sat down on train tracks Tuesday night and delayed all commutes through Taipei by over 40 minutes. Why on earth wouldn’t this be covered?

:ponder: … 2003554419 … delays.htm

Ah, thanks! I missed the China Post one somehow and hadn’t checked Thursday’s TT yet. Problem solved.