Working as a part-timer after graduation

Hey everyone I’m a master’s student currently in the final year. Next semester, hopefully, I will be graduating. Right now I have a valid work permit which is issued by the help of OIA of my university to work as a part-timer. However I was wondering that after my graduation while I’m still searching for a full-time job, is it possible to still continue to work as a part-timer? If the answer is yes, do I need to apply for another work permit?

Pretty sure it’s not allowed, as the work permit is tied to your enrollment at the school. When you graduate you’re supposed to return the work permit to the school (although these days it’s digital so idk how you’re supposed to do that).

Then you have 20 days after graduation to change your student ARC to a “looking for a job” ARC.

is there a way to keep my part time job while holding the “looking for job” ARC before I get the full time job?

No. Unless you stay on your student ARC, you lose the part time work permit.