Working as a student and visa problem

Hi. So I “parachuted” on Taiwan from Portugal, about a month ago, on a Covid one entry visitor visa that I got for personal reasons.

I’m also finishing a masters and I needed a place/project to do a thesis so I on a “why not” moment, I got a position at an university in Taipei, working in a lab, receiving a student stipend.

But they are saying it’s impossible to get a student visa now, and they are saying it’s unlikely to get a work visa. They are suggesting me to just stay the 90 days my visa allows, and extend it, hopefully by the end of the extension, things will change and I can get the ARC thing.

My problem is… even during quarantine, I would like to leave and come back, you know, to get some stuff. I am planning to stay here for a year after all.

What do you suggest?

Don’t leave and come back. There’s a pandemic. I’m personally not sure there’s anything else to be meaningfully said here, I’ll lock this until @yyy can decide. Please PM me if you’d like to comment

Tempo is right. Don’t leave and come back. Or do leave, and come back next year or something, when the situation is better.

What stuff could be so important and impossible to find locally?

I left my motorbike at the airport. Would like to get some clothes and files from my computer. There’s years of work there.

Also I have to visit someone

I’m feeling trapped, lol.

Join the club, compadre. There are 100s of millions of tourist travelers and business people just like you (who want to travel or go on business trips, but cannot).
You leave and you risk not be able to come back. They only allow ARC/APRC holders, overseas students (you are no longer one), and overseas workers.

You say you are “finishing a masters”. Get your professor(s) to work some magic to get you hired, or just up your status to PhD studies if possible.