Working at the newspapers

I tried to do a search, but no go. Can anyone give me their experience(or direct me to a thread) of working at one of the English papers, what the pay is like, etc etc? Would you recommend doing this in Taipei, because I’ve heard that working at the papers here isn’t very pleasant.(low pay, politics, crappy hours, etc) I have experience. And though it would pay less than teaching, to not teach in Taiwan sounds so, so tempting…

And thanks in advance, this forum is a wealth of information. :slight_smile:

I loved it. I agree - one of the reasons I wanted a job at a newspaper was because I was a little sick of teaching. Also, per hour, the newspapers pay less than teaching, but since you work more hours a day at a newspaper, the pay can end up about the same. Besides, I can sit at a computer working on my copy for ten or 12 hours at a time, and end up less tired than I would be after teaching for six hours.
As for the hours - this depends on what you like. Personally, I preferred working very late at night, as I did at the newspapers. I’m a night person, but I don’t like to go out drinking, so having to stay at work until midnight or even later was fine with me.

What experience do you have?

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Extra credit: What content lapse needs to be filled?

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