Working conditions in taiwan schools

Does anyone have any suggestions of things you need to be clear about with a potential employer before going to work for them?

Here’s my list, from the point of view of teaching at a high school but should be mostly applicable for everyone:

what days and hours?
-start\finish times - ie when are we expected to be at school?
-block hours - 6hrs back to back or 6 hours out of 10?
-max per week\month - ie when does overtime kick in? I had a job a while back that specified 100hrs/month - great until chinese new year, then I was sched. 35 hrs a week to get the 100 out of me…

LEARNING OBJECTIVES - this is really important. What do they expect from us?
-role\school expectations - are we supposed to teach grammar, practise what they know, or what?
-lesson plans - who prepares
-material & props - where from?
-class sizes, TA

office hours - some schools specify that you have to do some ‘office work’
-what day\time
-doing what?

paperwork - how much extra stuff is there going to be aside from the actual teaching?
-homework - do we have to set hmwk? mark it?
-weekly tests - necessary in some schools
-student grades - do we have to give grades/assessments?
-exams - who sets exams/tests?

holidays - salary = paid monthly, regardlesss of whether the school is actually open. Can you clarify what happens in the event of:

  • public hols eg 10-10 day
  • CNY
  • summer & winter breaks
  • typhoon, sars etc

exam time - how often and what do we do?

special events - are these held, do we have to be there, etc
-sports days
-parents days
-plays\shows etc

absence - what are the rules?
-casual leave

contract - what happens if…
-chain of command - who are we working for?

-partial months pro rata or hourly?
-tax - receipt required
-o\t rate

-area, desk, cupboard, spare classroom (english corner) - is there some place will be set aside for us?
-dress code
-travel costs\accomodation
-who are your students?

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Teaching in that particular Taiwanese high school is the worst job I have had, though I did not put up with it for long (as you know). That list is an admirable compilation, but the concern over those issues must be shared by the administration before any progress can be made.

Even if all of these were set out in a notarised contract, I seriously doubt that the school would pay any attention to them, nor could you enforce the contract through the courts.

Quite a list, I’ve been here for about 4 years now and have never signed a contract - and I’m very comfortable with that. If your hands are on your pants, it’s pretty hard to get dacked.

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