Working for English Wonderland

Has anyone worked for or knows someone who’s worked for English Wonderland in Taipei area recently?
They’re advertising for a teacher at the moment and the benefits sound a bit too good to be true! For example you only work for 3.5 days a week and get some reimbursement for flight and accommodation!

I’ve read on forums that the work can be monotonous, but i can deal with that. In fact, as everything will be new to me if i move to Taiwan, i like the idea of having a fairly simple job to start with!
I’m more interested in hearing what the people you work with are like, what you do in a typical day and what the teaching exhortations/standards are? And is ygexpert the over arching company i would be interviewing with etc? I’ve not read good things about them online! But if the only contact i have with them is the intial application/interview, then id be ok with that, .
Also, do most people live in central Taipei and just commute for the few days they work?

Check the blacklist thread

"English Wonderland, Gwangfu Public School:(Taipei, multiple locations, my site was Zhonghe)

Recruiters YG expert are not to be trusted. They will make all kinds of threats and avoid responsibility and pass the buck. They rule by intimidation and withholding information and they, like many other schools, will fire you at the drop of a hat. Not to mention, the program itself is enough to make you slit your wrists because of the mind bending monotony. My advice is to stay away from English Wonderland. I gave like a month’s notice that I would be leaving early and they actually “rejected” my resignation and then refused to provide the cancel contract agreement, which I needed to get a new work permit and which, in most definitely illegal. On the whole, it’s not the worst job I’ve seen by a long shot, but there are actually good jobs here at good schools and you really ought to not settle for jobs with shady people who are OK playing fast and loose with your livelihood. These people are very unprofessional, and you are very likely to encounter a very stressful situation sooner than later with them having leverage over you because they are sponsoring your work permit."

Did you end up working for English Wonderland? If so could you share your experience?
TeachTaiwan is now recruiting for the program and I know they are a good recruiter but I’ve found limited information about English Wonderland as a whole.

Like he said. Stay away from this program. It’s a toxic working environment. They will threaten you to sign the voluntary resignation otherwise they will mark you down and make you leave at the end of your probation with no return flight tickets. From my coworker experience.

Depends on which one. I was very against English wonderland and English village (from my own god awful experience at an EV my first year here) but it sounds (directly from FETs who have worked in them) that they’re not all shite. Just most of them. It sounds like a few in the south are run by foreign teachers who are licensed and have been teaching in Taiwan for a decade or more, still teach at a “home school” most days of the week, and have built up fantastic curriculum. Ya just need to find the right one. Probably all but one is the poison cup.

I’m pretty sure they can’t just make you leave like that. If you have an ARC, it’s yours. You can simply go down to immigration and file for an extension after losing a job, whether you left voluntarily or not. And yeah, you wouldn’t get the return flight ticket because you must complete the whole year to get that perk, per the standard clause in the contract.