Working for Hess-- Any Advice?

I read a similar post but I think my situation is a little bit different–

I had an interview with HESS and because I told them I might be going back to the U.S. to finish my studies and right now family finances are a bit tight they are offering me a contract until the end of this year (Dec. 2013). I know it is different from the standard 1 year contract, but I’m a little concerned with the negative feedback I see and hear about HESS. Plus because I won’t be signing a full year contract due to my situation, is there a possibility that I will owe fees and/or money that they will not tell me about until AFTER I sign the contract with them?

The branch is in Taipei, Da Tong area-- but I think if they need you somewhere else you won’t have a choice to say no.

can anyone offer some advice/ their experience working for HESS? Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m lazy to type another response but would love to share my experience. PM me and maybe I could give you my phone number if you’re interested.

Teaching EFL anywhere is a bit of a crapshoot. IMO starting with a larger organisation will give you a better chance of avoiding the crap. But then again it may not.

You won’t get a definitive answer. And if you do it could be wrong.

If it states clearly on your contract that the contract runs until December 2013, then they can’t make you stay any longer. The only fee they impose is for ending your contract early (which shouldn’t be a problem for you assuming you stay until the date on your contract). And most people can get away without paying the breach of contract fee since it isn’t legal for them to impose it.