Working holiday visa for Irish citizen


So I am planning on going back to Taiwan to teach English, I was there for a year last year while studying. My plan was to get a visitor visa and the convert it over there. The person in the Taipei representative office told me I should get a working holiday visa instead. When I looked at the details, it all seems good, but, it states that I cannot hold full time employment. Is this a major problem or will employers be cool with this? Would I be better off just getting the visitor visa? The WHV would be more convenient but not if I was limited in where I could work.

Also, since Ireland has a visa exempt deal with Taiwan that gets us 3 months, will they think it i strange that I want a visitor visa which is also 3 months? As in, will they deny visa if it seems like I am going over solely for work?

Thanks in advance for any help given, this visa business is melting my head…