Working Holiday Visa

Seems to be for Kiwis only. Like to see them try and get a job anywhere with just that visa.

So they can work anywhere, right ? So they have superior rights to the rest of us with resident visas ? … oliday.htm

That must be because New Zealand offers working holiday visas to Taiwanese. New Zealand has a similar agreement with Japan. In Tokyo I met a Kiwi who was working as a barmaid on a working holiday visa.

If they try and work for a buxiban the MOE will just come in and say “sorry you can’t work at a buxiban without a work permit form us”, and any “but there’s this new law” protests will be met with “we don’t care about any new laws we don’t like - if the school employs you we’ll just revoke their licence” and of course they’ll say that foreigners cant’ teach English to children under the age of 6 at all.


I am about to come to Taiwan on this very visa.
Can anyone tell me if there are any jobs I CAN’T do?
The website says:

Work permit not needed

As long as in accordance with the purpose of entry, working holiday makers may work legally during their stay in the Republic of China to earn their living expenses. However, they should not work for the same employer for more than 3 months. In addition, holders of working holiday visas should not work for the entire one year of their visit. In accordance with Article 4 of “Regulations Governing the Permits for Employing Foreigners and Management,” working holiday visas issued by the ROC Embassy, Consulate and overseas missions shall be regarded as work permits. Therefore, visa holders do not need to apply for a work permit with the Council of Labour Affairs of the Executive Yuan. However, those who engage in professional or technical work shall meet the necessary qualification and laws of registration for practice required by the Republic of China.

Does the above bolded sentence mean that if I wanted to work as an English teacher, I would still be required to have a degree etc etc?

If there is any other NZers, Aussies etc who are in Taiwan with this visa, let me know how it’s going!!!


Hi all… I am really keen to get some feedback on this. Help please?

It’s hard to give you a clear answer on this because the problem is the laws in Taiwan are not clearly understood and enforced.

I would say that you are quite clearly legally allowed to come and teach for a cram school or a kindergartedn in Taiwan with that visa, but the problem is you could very well have a hard time convincing a school, or the police should they come, of this.

Your visa allows you to work without a work permit, and this should be the end of it. However the Ministry of Education will come along and say “no - foreigners need a degree to teach cram school”. This isn’t true. They just need a degree to get a work permit form the MOE. You don’t need one. You already have one. They will also say “foreigners are not allowed to teach kindergarten”. This is also not true. Kindergartens are not allowed to teach English more than 10 hours a week, and foreigners may not get MOE work permits to teach kindergarten, but again, you don’t need the permit - you already have one.

This just means that yuo need to pass the bar exam to work as a lawyer etc. Locals teach cram school and kindergarten without degrees - it is not a necessart qualification for teaching (just a for getting an MOE work permit).

That’s the theory, but in practice you’re quite likely to have the poor manager of a school saying “sorry, you need a work permit with the MOE”.
“But I read on a message board that I don’t need one”
“Well we called the MOE and they say you do”
I’ve had similar problems with relation to my visa.

It’s possible that you could have problems with the foreign affairs police too if they came. I don’t want to discourage you. I think it highly unlikely anything bad will happen. Just be aware that you may have to put up with some hassle.

I did have a workmate who worked for about a year on this visa. She was working with me at a kindergarten. The day the police came, she was absent, so it never got put to the test. But it can be done, and in fact its a pretty good visa in theory.

Anyway, that’s probably why noone has replied to you yet. It’s impossible to give you a straight answer on this, and any straight answer you get will undoubtedly be wrong (that’s Taiwan for you).